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Our email marketing solution "Clickback MAIL" is a web-based email marketing application with powerful targeting functionality that provides marketers and firms the ability to communicate with professional messages to their customers effectively.


  • Web-based Software
    There is no software to install on your computer, no hardware to purchase, servers to configure, and no onsite IT department required. There is no need to download complicated software patches or updates, you will always be on the latest version. You have access to the software from anywhere in the world through an internet connection and SSL enabled browser.

  • Segmentation and Targeted Submissions
    The right message, the right customer at the right time is the goal of any marketing campaign. Clickback MAIL will help you identify and segment customers into groups so you may send personalized, targeted and meaningful messages to them.

  • Creative Message
    Reinforce your marketing message through creative email campaigns that are consistent with your brand's image. Clickback MAIL messages can be created either with our "Point and Click" HTML editor or can be imported from a professional designer.

  • 20+ Submission Reports
    Email marketing is not only powerful and cost effective it also provides the unique opportunity to be tracked with great accuracy. You no longer have to wait for weeks or months to view the results of your marketing efforts. Reports are created live, giving you the feedback instantly and the information necessary to react and make any changes for subsequent campaigns. Track opens, clickthroughs, forwards, opt-outs, new additions and more.

  • Reliable
    Clickback MAIL has never been blacklisted ensuring your communications with your customers are received.

  • Flexible Message Types
    Clickback MAIL can send both HTML and Text based messages to your recipients allowing their email software to determine which to view.

  • Designer Friendly
    Clickback MAIL was developed with the “professional marketer” and their needs in mind. It is flexible to handle any text or HTML email messages that a designer creates. Upload professionally designed messages from your graphic designer(s), or from industry leading HTML editors, such as Macromedia Dreamweaver.

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