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Nowadays, just about anyone has a website. Your grandmother has one, maybe even your pet has one... and, your top competitor has one. Is it better than yours?

Your website is your window to the online world. Through it, your business looks out on thousands, even millions of potential customers. What do those eager buyers see when they look at your website? Are they turned on... or turned off? Don't allow a boring, dull and uninspiring website to turn away the business you need! If your website isn't all it could be, we can help your site reach its full potential by engaging our Copywriting and Copyediting services on your behalf:

Copy Writing:

It's impossible to overestimate the importance of properly written website copy. The words should reach out and touch visitors who have many choices of where to place their business. Let's talk - tell us what you want to say to your customers. We'll make sure they like what they hear - and see!

Copyediting & Proofreading:

If an online shopper visits your site and doesn't like what they see, they're just a mouse-click away from your competitor. Don't let that happen! By thoroughly copyediting your website, we will give potential buyers the impression that you are competent, knowledgeable and truly professional. You know you are... now everyone else will know it too!

Image Enhancement:

"Don't just sell the steak, sell the sizzle!" If your web copy and headlines don't sizzle, you're not going to sell very much steak. We will analyze your current web copy. If it's bland, we'll add the spice and "sex appeal" it needs!

ESL Refinement:

One of the biggest stumbling blocks facing newly arrived online entrepreneurs is the fact that English is their second language. A Smart Solutions ESL Refinement "makeover" will give your site the Star Quality it needs to succeed in the English-speaking online environment. You're a competent, consummate professional - we'll shout it to the world in perfect English!

Smart Solutions copywriting services are very reasonably priced considering how essential they can be to the success of your website. Together we will discuss your unique needs and work out an action plan that will address how to bring out the best in your website. Our professional staff copywriters and copyeditors have sharpened their writing skills at websites, online catalogs, magazine feature articles and promotional advertising. We look forward to making your website the best it can possibly be!

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