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Our Chinese office, AS Jovian Limited (ASJ) is established on 1998, focusing in the custom software development and simulation technology. By provide system integration solution based on either custom development, or our patent pending technology, ASJ's team has deciated the expertise to over 150 projects. The developers in ASJ possessing extensive experience in both software and hardware, covers a broad range of industries. With a total of 50 employees, the team provide powerful capacity to undertake middle-large programming jobs.

We initiated the Application System Auto-Generator project, objective is to build our platform (Jupiter), so as to improve the system development in a faster, better and more cost-effective way.

ASJ Objective: to be first rank development platform provider.

ASJ Mission: Create synergy with our partners, to provides value to our customers.

Our expertise cover both comprehensive knowledge in software technology and application area, such as ERP/CRM/EIP/BI/KM.

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